With years of engineering experience I have found One of the best philosophies is to Continually Improve so the site will grow, develop and improve as time goes on. But it will rely on YOU to tell us what engineering information you want to find, even if you don’t find what you are looking for please let us know, then if there is something we feel we can do we will. It may be too late for you at the time but not be for others and at some time you may be one of the others.   

Just Visiting

The Website has been designed with you in mind to reduce the time you spend searching for products, services and information. Register and become one of our Members and take a look at our “Members zone” which has been specially developed to make your site visit pleasurable.                                          


We are a Marketing and Referral web site which was designed to allow you to promote “Yourself” and “Your Products” The site aims to direct people to your site both new and existing customers, along with our other members which have been generated by other companies promoting themselves on the site,. The website has the facility for you to host your 3D Cadd models and technical information or alternatively links to your own Data can be created. If you don’t have 3D models Engineering Supermarket has the facilities to have these created (not compulsory). So why not sponsor us and let us promote your products.

Agents and Re-Sellers

Because you do not produce anything it does not stop you from joining us as you can help us by letting us know who’s products you sell and we or you can tell them about us, If they are not interested in sponsoring us don’t despair we will be using information available to build a data base of a verity of products and as sponsor can be identified by location it will direct customers to you.

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