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Company and Product List Issue 1


Members of Engineering-Supermarket have now up loaded links to over 100 different Companies & their products. so what we have done is to list some of them for you starting with the company then 4-5 of there products.

A.F. Engineering & Design Services Ltd Products Include:- CNC Milling CNC Turning Lazor Cutting Welding Fabrication

A1 Fasteners Products Include:- Machine Screws Engineering Studs Socket Screws Cavity Anchors Cable Ties

Abec Fixings Ltd Products Include:- R Clips Bolts Castle Nuts Rawl Bolts Thread Inserts

Abec Fixings Ltd Products Include:- R Clips Hex Head Bolts Castle Nuts Rawl Bolts Thread Inserts

Abssac PowerTransmission Products Include:- Ball Screws Bearing Supports Lead Screws Satellite Roller Screws Self Reversing Screws

Acorn Industrial Services Ltd Products Include:- Rod Ends Carb Bearings Caster & Wheels Roller Screws Stabilus Gas Springs

Advantiv Limited Products Include:- Cylinders Valves Fittings Filters Powerpacks

Alanco Alamatic Products Include:- Disc Brakes Safety Clutches Tension Control Manual Disc Brakes Spring Disc Brakes

Aluframme Systems Ltd Products Include:- Profiles Frames Accessories Machining

Anglian Fasteners Ltd Products Include:- Bolts Screws Nuts Washers Socket Screws

Ashley Power Products Include:- Oil Seals O-Rings Circlips Hose Clips Dowty Washers

Ashley Power Products Include:- Oil Seals O-Rings Dowty Washers Circlips Hose Clips

Automation Supplies Ltd Products Include:- Machine Guards Conveyors Work Stations Platforms Custom Machining

Beeline Eng. Products Ltd Products Include:- Gates belts Powergrip Belts Poly Chain Belt Twin Power Synchronous Belts

Blue Diamond Products Include:- Wheels Castors Belts Pulleys Circlips

Brevini Products Include:- Planetary Gearboxes Shaft Mounted Foot Mounted Slewing Drives Winch Drives

CB Frost Products Include:- Foam Rubber Sheeting Materials Specialist Silicones Sponge

Centa Transmissions Ltd Products Include:- Cycloidgear Planetgear Multigear Robusgear Zerogear

Chaintec Products Include:- Leaf Chain Zi-Co Chain Roller Chain Wear Gauges Chain Inspection

Codan Rubber Limited Products Include:- Wedge Belt Low Friction Belts Capping Polyurethane Belting Round Belting

Components 4 Machinery Products Include:- Ball Transfer Units Anti Vibration Mounts Hoist Rings Magnets Levelling Feet

Concord Hydraulics Limited Products Include:- Two Wire Hose Multi Wire Spiral Hose Triflex Hose Quick Release Fittings Camozzi

ContiTech UK Products Include:- Timing Belts V-Ribbed Belts V-Belts Flat Belts Tension Gauges

CR Products Products Include:- V Belts Synchronous Belts Banded Belts V ribbed belts Snow and ATV

Cross & Morse Products Include:- Inverted Tooth Chain Timing Belts Roller Chain Gear Drives Free Wheel Clutches

D J Automation Products Include:- Electric Clutches Pneumatic Clutches Hydraulic Clutches Tension Control Torque Limiters

Danaher Motion Products Include:- Controls Drives Motors Ballscrews Actuators

DEL Industrial Fastenings Products Include:- Dowels Hank bushes Self tapping screws Roofing Bolts Metric & Unified

Direct Bearings Products Include:- Vee Belts Cogged Belts Timing Belts Kevlar & Agricultural Pulleys

DRB Group Products Include:- Machining Fabrication Design Process Valves Power Transmission

Durham Precision Engineering Products Include:- CNC Milling CNC Turning Wire Erosion Surface Grinding Cylindrical Grinding

Elesa (UK) Products Include:- Direct Drive Indicators Positive Drive Indicators Gravity Indicators Indexing plungers Spring plungers

EMS Limited Products Include:- Linear Bearings Four Point Contact Ball Screws Linear Actuators Mini Guard

Euro-Bearings Products Include:- Vee Bearings Combined Roller Linear Bearings Mast Bearings Track Guidance

Fenner Products Products Include:- Curvilinear Belts Trapezoidal Belts Multi-V Belts StretchBands StretchBands

Flexo Springs Products Include:- Cone Springs Extension Springs Compression Springs Gater Springs Die Springs

Fluid Power Services Products Include:- Hydraulic fittings Hydraulic valves Hydraulic Hose Hydraulic tubes Hydraulic filtration

Francis and Francis Ltd. Products Include:- Schmidt-Kupplung Semiflex Controlflex Loewe GK Omniflex

Halifax Rack & Screw Cutting Co Ltd Products Include:- Gear Racks Pinions Lead Screws Power Screws Precision Nuts

Hayley Group P.L.C. Products Include:- Standard Wheel Swivel Wheel Fixed Wheel Braked Wheel Directional Lock

Heason Technology Ltd, Products Include:- Linear Stages. Roller Joints, Ball Screws, Linear Encoders, Gearing

Hepco Motion Products Include:- linear Motion Circular Motion Linear Actuators Continuous Motion Automatic Elements

Hewit and Topham Products Include:- Double Helical Single Helical Spiral Bevel Worm Gears Gear Rack

HPC Gears Products Include:- Bevel Gears Worms & Wheels Spur Gears Helical Gears Ratchets & Pawls

HPC Gears Products Include:- Bevel Gears Worms & Wheels Spur Gears Helical Gears Ratchets & Pawls

Huco Dynatork Products Include:- Sliding Disc (Oldham) Universal Beam Double Loop Non Contact (Magnetic)

Hydraquip Products Include:- Braided Hose Easy Hose Anti Vibration Hose Air Conditioning Hose Refrigeration Hose

Industrial Gearboxes Products Include:- Bevel Gears Miter Gears Spur Gears Straight Cut Straight Rack

Industrial Gearboxes Products Include:- Bevel Gears Miter Gears Spur Gears Straight Cut Straight Rack

Isis Fluid Control Ltd Products Include:- Pneumatic Valves Electric Valves Gate Valves Ball Valves Safety Relief Valves

jbj Techniques Limited Products Include:- Gear Pump Screw Pumps Radial Piston Motor Axial Piston Motor Dual Displacement

KJN Ltd Products Include:- Aluminium Profile Joint Connections Connection Elements Feet and Wheels Glazing Accessories

Lantec, Products Include:- Parrell Grippers, Angular Grippers, Clamps, Three Jaw Grippers, Rotary Tables,

LDA Chain Products Include:- Rubber Top Chain Slat Band Chain Stainless Steel Chain Extended Pin Chain Adapted Chain

Machine Building Systems Ltd. Products Include:- Handles and Locks Panel Elements Floor Elements

Mayr Transmissions Ltd Products Include:- Saftey Couplings Torque Limiting Safety Brakes Electromagnetic Clutches D.C. Drives

MEGADYNE UK Products Include:- Isoran Endless Belt Mega Flat Mega Power Megalinear Megarib

Midland Bearings Products Include:- Ball Bearing Roller Bearing Needle Bearing Self Aligning Double Roller

Mini Gears (Stockport) Ltd Products Include:- Racks & Pinions Worms & Wormwheels Shafts & Splines Spur & Helical Gears Sprockets

Mini-Tech Products Include:- Profiles Linear Systems Conveyors & Transfers Workstations Onlie Catalog

Misumi UK Ltd Products Include:- locating Pins locating Bushes Springs Collars Magnets

Moore International Ltd Products Include:- Ball Screws Lead Screws Acme Threads Trappezoidal Bearing Housings

Motion Control Products Ltd Products Include:- Stepper Motors Brushed Motor sLinear Motors Voice Coil Actuators Brushless Motors

Motor Technology Ltd. Products Include:- Servo Drive Servo Motor Stepper Drive Stepper Motor Encoders

Muffit Gears Products Include:- Bevel Gears Moulded Gears Worm Gearboxes Racks Bevel Gearboxes

N U Drives Products Include:- Four Point Contact Deep Groove Tapered Cylindrical Thrust

NBC Group Products Include:- Slewing Rings Plummer Blocks Bearings Power Transmission Rack and Pinions

Newmont Engineering Co Ltd Products Include:- CNC Milling Internal Gears External Gears Internal Spline External Splines

Nexen Products Include:- Roller Pinion System Brakes Clutches Tension Control Torque Limiters

Oddie Fasteners Products Include:- Toggle Latches Hinges Handles ¼ Turn Fasteners Lid and Desk Stays

Orbit Bearings & Transmission Ltd Products Include:- Oil Seals 'O' Rings Circlips E Clips Graphite Bushes

Ortlinghaus (UK) Ltd Products Include:- Electro magnetic Pneumatic Hydraulic Rotary Inlets Couplings

OTTO SUHNER AG Products Include:- Pneumatic Motors Electric Motors Flexible Shafts Spiral Bevel Gears

Pailton Products Include:- Sliding Shaft Universal Joint Bevel Boxes Panhard Rods Ball Joints

Pneumatic Northern Limited, Products Include:- special Actuators, Linear Actuators, Rod-less Cylinders, Solenoid Valves, Electrical Actuators

Powerdrive PSR Ltd Products Include:- Caliper Brakes Hydraulic Brakes Pneumatic Brakes Electro Brakes & Clutches

R & J Bearings Products Include:- Oil Seals Bearings Belts & Pulleys Filters Oils and Lubricants

R + W Couplings CAD Products Include:- Linear Couplings Miniature Torque Limiters Bellow Line

Rencol Products Include:- Star knobs Lobe knobs Cranking handles Bridge handles Control handwheels

Renolds Products Include:- A&S Chain Syno Klik-Top Attachment Chain Hydro-Service

Revelotion Products Include:- Bearings Fasteners Pneumatics

Ring Spann (U.K) Ltd Products Include:- Disc Brakes Torque Limiters Cone Clamp Expanding Clamps Colet Clamps

RK Rose+Krieger Phoenix Mecano Ltd Products Include:- Profile Systems Connection Systems Linear Components Drive Systems System Solutions

Rnown GearsGear Products Include:- Manufactures Gear Grinding Cylindrical Grinding Turning Milling

Robert Cupitt - Zero Max Products Include:- Variable Speed Drives Right Angle Drives Roh'lix Linear Actuators Overhung Load Adaptors Torque Tenders

Ross Handling Products Include:- Institutional Castor Fixed Castor Twin Wheel Castor Upholstery Castors Bolt Hole Castor

Ruland Manufacturing Products Include:- CoJaw Coupling Threaded Collar Disc Coupling Shaft Collar Quick-Clamp Collar

S K F Products Include:- Radial Magnetic Thrust Magnetic Thrust Magnetic AMPEP Self-Lubricating ECONOMOS Seals

Seal Masters Products Include:- "O" Rings Mechanical Seals Hydraulic Seals Rotary Shaft Seals Flexi Seals

Seal Masters Products Include:- "O" Rings Mechanical Seals Hydraulic Seals Rotary Shaft Seals Flexi Seals

Simpson Springs Limited Products Include:- Compression Springs Extension Springs Torsion Wire Forms Light Pressing

The Montrose Group Products Include:- Brass Copper Phosphor Bronze Aluminum Bronze Nickel Alloys

Torque Transmission's Products Include:- Custom Pulleys Variable Speed Round Belt Multi-V Pulleys HTD, XL & L Series

Transak UK Ltd Products Include:- Hysteresis Clutch Multiple Disk Spring-Applied Brake Eddy-Current Clutch/ Magnetic Particle Brake

UNIVER Manufacturing Ltd, Products Include:- Actuators, Valves, Pneumatic Clamps, Electric Clamps, Air Treatment

Vaplas Limited Products Include:- Perspex Vivak Acrylic Polycarbonate Nylon Acetal PVC PTFE Lexan PETG Makrolon Delrin

WEB TRADERS ONLINE LTD Products Include:- Clutch Bearings Imperial Bearings Kart Bearings Needle Roller Thrust Bearings

Wittenstein Ltd Products Include:- Planetary Gearheads Servo Gearheads Linear Rack & Pinion Couplings Alpha IQ

Zapp Automation, Products Include:- Ball Screws Ball Nut brackets Ball Nut brackets Couplings Gearboxes

Zollern Products Include:- Steel Profiles Linear Bearing Shaft Copper Forging Copper Castings Hollow Linear Shafts

Last Updated (Sunday, 17 January 2010 18:01)


TopSolid'Cam 2009 is now available


Missler Software will shortly launch TopSolid'Cam 2009. One of TopSolid'Cam's greatest forces is its capacity to manage all machining processes thereby making it one of the only CAM solutions on the market which is able to machine all parts by offering the most suitable machining process. TopSolid'Cam is capable of piloting turning, 2 axes milling, 3 axis milling, 4 & 5 axis continued milling, 4 & 5 axis continued turning, synchronization and complex simulation.

TopSolid'Cam 2009 deals with such issues as simplifying machine programming, reducing cycle times, improving quality and reducing manufacturing costs (notably by prolonging the life span of tools).



Additions to MBS Systems

Machine Building Systems (MBS) has added the T-Slot Slider to its Line-8 aluminium machine kit system.

Last Updated (Sunday, 26 July 2009 21:54)

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